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  "Will Carlson is one of the best fitness coaches I have worked with. He understands the needs and motivational issues of runners of all levels. He has learned my Galloway Training system and teaches it with energy that gets people engaged." Jeff Galloway 1972 Olympian.

  Will many thanks for running with me one day in early August last year and inviting me to join the Galloway Training Program. It truly re-invigorated my enthusiasm for running and I've been running a long time.  Bob Stephens

  Hey Will thank you for all the good info. I want to take a minute to thank you for your sincere dedication to the program and my success. If I had not joined the program and had you not been so very encouraging all the way through, I do not know that I would have gotten this far. I am and will continue to be a Carlson/ Galloway follower .....  Kristy

  Personally I want to thank you for your motivational seminar last month. I've always had so many excuses for not being a runner but after hearing you talk and explain some things I've already been able to run over a mile at the gym on the treadmill anf have added some run intervals to my neighborhood walks. I nevr that I could be that person. One of my neighbors caught me running past the mail boxes after 8 pm and said, "Oh I bet it's so much easier to run at night". I'm still struck by his words because I never thought would associate me with a running activity. For that, I sincerely thank you, and I've continued to spread your message to all partners whenever I can.

  Will-You my brother, are simply amazing. thank you for your enduring commitment to your students, your selfless and your continuous encouragement. You make training a lot of fun Blessings, Pete.

  Running across the finish line was one of the best feelings I have ever experienced. Thanks so much for helping me get to the finish line. My time was 2:42 and plan on running some more half marathons in the near future. Cheryl.

  Will, thanks so much for all your help to make this day possible. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time and just cannot believe  I finally did it. What a great accomplishment. Your program made this dream fun and easy.
  My husband keeps asking me if I'm ok. He cannot believe I am not exhausted or overly tired. I feel great! Thanks to your training. You are a special person and I feel blessed to know you. Your making a difference in many peoples lives. Sincerely, Kate.  

  This was the first marathon out of my four that I was in control of the walking I did. It felt great. The final chip time was 3:16:12. It was a 10 minute PR so I have no complaints besides I've got my Boston Qualifier for next year as I turn 40 in July.
Thanks again for your help at the expo. Dominic.     

  I'd put our groups finishing rate against any other group in town. I did notice one major thing about our group, folks stuck together. I saw numerous runners runners from another high profile group who were running all alone each out for her or his personal best time.  I liked our approach much better. We had great camaraderie throughout the training program. Bob Stephens.

  Thank you for all the nice e-mails and wonderful enthusiasm you put into the training program I enjoyed the program so much and am very interested in the program to train for New York. Carley

  Will what a fun race. I ran a PB for the half marathon and my marathon finish time by 40 minutes. It was through your teaching and weekly assignments that got me there. You are a great guy and I will recommend all who ask me about running to contact you. Gary .

  I'm still running at least 3 days a week and enjoying myself. It is amazing how much more fun running is now that I have removed some of the psychological running barriers through the group work and half marathon. I now can go out for a run in my neighborhood without the worry that I will burn out and have to walk back! It has been a great journey, thanks for that. Kelly  

   I didn't get to see you after the run today but wanted to tell you what a great time we all had! After 2 years I am still in love with this running program! In that time I have accomplished all of my goals and am in the process of checking items of my "Running Bucket List". It is such a pleasure to come to Austin on the weekends to run with all of these incredible people but it also rewarding when you are there with them as they are striving to reach their goals. What a program!!!

  Hi Will, Have been meaning to e-mail you, but haven't had a second to compose my thoughts until now. I wanted to get you something to show you how much I appreciate all that you have done for us, but there isn't a gift out there that would let you know like words. You are a really special person to get up at the crack of dawn every weekend and beyond to come out and help us all to accomplish our goals and dreams for running. You are such a giving person in all areas and I hope you know how very much we all appreciate it! Thank you for making my first marathon so special and being so nice as to forget about your run and join Karen and I. We could of finished without you but with you there we had an experience that can't be taken back. Thank you! You truly are one of those in a million people that I'll never forget. :)

  Will, Someone asked me if I was scared getting started on Sunday's marathon which was my first. Thanks to your running group I was ready so being scared was not in the picture. I knew I was confident to get it done and had enough at mile 26.2 to sprint in which I've done in every race before the 'big dance'. Thanks for all your time and positive words of encouragement. My senior posted on Facebook "It's official my Mom is a marathon runner". It's been a thriller and I didn't realize how many family and friends were being inspired through this years journey I've been on.

   Will, Just want to say this because you can never hear it enough: You touch so many people's lives in such a positive way. You are a source of inspiration to me. Thank you once again for being there for my journey. I love the Galloway Program and the people I have met along the miles. See you when I train for my next one!
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