Speaking Of Running
Are You Ready Austin Here We Come!!!
                          Everyone is going to the “Big Dance”.
                        Tips for Sunday Feb. 14, 2016 
  A few of you asked about parking and there are a lot of places.
  If you go to your Austin Marathon Guide look at page 13 (not the drop down
on info page)  I  believe in the  program.
  It will guide you right where to park. Yes One Texas Center or Parmer Events
Center as well depends on how far you want to walk.
(The key is early probaly 5:30)  parked then find the porta poties or get logestics.
You don't want to be the driver in the traffic trying to find a parking spot later.
  Some of you were concerned about the 78 degrees finish line temperature for the
marathon so I got the forecast changed. You didn't know I could do that did you?
Last Long Run should be Thursday an easy 3-4 miles......
                                                         Follow race tips below.
   Meet up spot will be SW corner of 5th & Congress Ave. at 6am then line up at 4:00
hour pace group sign.
  Weather will be good in Austin and dry (you’re welcome!)    
 46 at start 66 high or 52 to 68 depending on who you watch. .    
 Ok here we go just a few days away from one great fun event. As I mentioned we’ll
 all meet at 6 am for group picture. 
  If you miss picture just move to 4 hour pace group sign at start.  
The web site should offer parking spots for you Austin Marathon Program page 12 or 13. 
Spoiler alert there are hills.
  Most of our Austin Runners have done this a few times so try to start off with the groups
if you can. First part can be tough only if you make it that way. There will be folks taking
off at a very fast pace BUT (pardon my big BUTT)  Congress Ave. has a gradual 3 mile
climb to Ben White which has also a few blips on the way to First Street.
First Street is much friendlier. I’ll add a few comments Thursday. 
   On running these races if you forget all the other things I mentioned please remember
this one. Start out slower and warm up and then run your pace. All the folks that blast by
you at the start you’ll see latter in the race.
  This is hard because of all the excitement but you’ll be very happy at the last few miles
of the race you did this. I’ve been the passé and the passed and I prefer the first one at the
end of a race!
  On your walk breaks just move to side of the road to take them which is courteous and
saves you from becoming a possible speed bump on the road. Yes there will be weavers in
the race and be careful because sometimes they tend to cut off runners and the sad fact
is most often they wear themselves out while weaving before the half way point.
    One thing we don’t mention until the marathon or half marathon draws near is please
watch your time on your feet on Saturday.
  The expo is really exciting but most times it’s on a hard concrete surface which will
tire your legs a lot. Been there done that  and it made the marathon a lot harder than it
should have been. One cool thing is you can buy all kind of cool things to commemorate
this great day. Anything from pictures to plaques extra medals framed etc.
  The expo is not the time to buy and try something new for the race. I’d go with the things
that got you to the big dance. There’s a saying or should be if not, “dance with the one
that brung you or got you there”! You can stay with what helped you through your last
long run. Most new things will just create new problems!
  Make sure your number is visible on the front of your body because they will take pictures
as you go and will e-mail you proofs to look at and purchase if you choose.
  At the Finish Line look up and avoid a big mob finish if  possible for Finishers photo.
Your race number is how they find you. If you have your name on the front of your shirt
and it doesn’t have to be fancy folks will call you out by name as you run by. Once at Marine
Corp. Marathon we had one of our runners use duct tape block letters. While he was doing
this on her front it did draw a few looks. It worked!  
   Here are a couple of tips before the race. If it’s cold in the morning wear a shirt you are
 not crazy about to the start of the race. Sweat shirts can also be purchased at Good Will
etc. Once the race begins you can toss that shirt  and it will go to a good cause usually a
homeless shelter.
   Gloves also (cheap kind) can be worn till the race starts to keep your hands warm. A
really great idea is a large trash bag  because it will cut down the wind, rain and keep
your body temp up. Just make the necessary slits for the head and arms to avoid becoming
a you tube video.
  Try not to weave when you run because it will tire you out and believe it or not make your
race longer. Once in Marine Corp I ran in and around folks to get position and added almost
1 mile to the marathon distance according to my watch.    Food is not a big problem and just
avoid real spicy or things that you haven’t tried before a long training run.
 *** The night before put everything you will wear in one spot. I sometimes pick a chair
and all that I need for the race is on the chair. When the chair is empty I’m prepared. Please
remember to put the timing chip (D Tag) on your shoes if that is what they use or if it is a B
tag it is already on your bib  before you go to bed. Forget this step and you will not get an official
race time. Your race starts when you cross the start and the timing chip is activated. This
also works when you cross that Finish Line.
  Bottom line is you are ready period! If you want to shoot me an e-mail after you stop happy
dancing that would most likely make my day! The HAPPY DANCE is best preformed after
crossing the Finish Line Please.
Hydrate: Make sure you drink plenty of fluids during the week even on non running days.
                During your  race drink at the water stops but don’t over do it. Gatorade is on this
                race course but watch how much  you drink because to much will make you feel sick.
                Your body pulls the water out of the Gatorade and you  have the syrup left to bounce
                up and down with you.
Hard Candy: there are candy things out there and sometimes putting one in the mouth every
                  so often also  helps with the blood sugar levels. Gummy Bears is one and I like life
                 savers as well.
Running on Empty:  (No not the song).  Eat before you run: Ok something like a power bar,
                 bagel, banana an hour or two before. Just a little something if you can will help
                you get started.
Two Days Out: Most pasta parties are the night before the event and folks feel the need to
                 really load up on food and carbs. This is not the case and the best time to fuel your
                 body is two days out. This gives you time to digest and gather the nutrients from
                the food you’ve eaten. You also don’t want to carry all
                 that food the night before into your race. Please don’t load up on food the night before
                 because it  will not help you plus there’s a chance the bouncing up and down will not
                go well with your tummy.
Can’t sleep no problem: Many folks think they have to get a good night sleep the night before
                 a marathon or they’re doomed. Once again two nights out best time to get a good night
                 sleep. It’s hard to sleep while You’re waiting the night before for your long run. Time
                 on feet the day before should be limited.
Body Glide and Gels: Body Glide is a lubricant that comes in a deodorant type container. Just
               put this on where you  might get chaffed  or where your clothes rub you. Bra areas
               and men’s support areas are a great  place to apply. It’s not as greasy as Vaseline and
               really works.
Gels: Gu are the most popular but there are many kinds out there. Sport Beans by Jelly Belly,
               Shot  Blocks also helps keep your blood sugar level up on long runs. Always take water
                with your gels.
               Now is a good time to find out what works for you on the training runs.
The new shoe no no’s: New shoes can be broken in on your short runs during the week not a
               long run. Did you know shoes have a life of about 300-500 miles before you need to
               replace them? This also applies to new  clothing as well.
No Magic pills or stuff: Good training is the best prep for a race.
               Stay with what will get you to the starting line. Sometimes new things don’t agree
               with your system and please don’t ask how I know..
                        Any questions please ask. Remember the only bad question is one that’s not answered
                                          proud to be part of your running journeys,
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