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Looking for the perfect Training Program?

Well, stop right now You found one!

  Hello Austin Galloway Runners,
  As promised here are some details on this weekends kickoff plus training starting dates
for our upcoming programs.
Remember Year Round Training Program starts March 13, 2016 and goes until March 2017.
  Last season we noticed mixed turnouts for Saturday/Sunday option runs so to give you a
better training experience we have moved to one day on weekend for training and that will
be Sundays. Sundays of course are most race dates plus less traffic on Austin Streets
where we spend most our running time.I know this may not work for all and I feel bad but there
is no one day that works for all our runners.
  Going to try a one e-mail a week to slow down your in box traffic. Most details of course will
be available at www.RunAustinGalloway.com if you want to be removed off the Austin Galloway
email list please just let us know and we'll
remove you.
Year Round Training Program.
 All our training programs mix match and change as you want or need.
Fall Marathon Training.
  Some runners may not want to wait for half training to start so they join the Fall Marathon
Training Program then switch when the half marathon training begins.
Getting Started in Running.
 True beginners training and we start with 1/2 mile run/walk and build to 5 miles in 10 weeks.
Most folks do continue on as our Galloway Training Programs begin with 3 miles.Yes if you have
a year round running goal Getting Started is included with Year Round Program.
  Before you register come on out and try the program for a couple of weekend runs and bring
all your questions and of course your friends are welcome.
We at Austin Galloway don't think you all need another job so be prepared to have a fun
experience in training while meeting your running goals. 
Here are the programs we'll be doing this year and starting dates.
 We are already promoting National Breast Cancer Marathon and Half Marathon 2017 in
Jacksonville Florida and expect a big Austin Galloway attendance. Did I mention this is the 10th
Year Round Training Program.
March 1st 2016- March 1st 2017
Getting Started Session 1
March 13th -May 15th
Getting Started Session 2
May 22nd- July24th.
Fall Marathon Training Program.
May 22nd - Nov. 20th
Fall Half Marathon Training Program.
August 7th- December 13th.
National Breast Cancer and Austin Marathon.
August 7th- Feb. 19th
National Breast Cancer and Austin Half Marathon
Nov. 6th -Feb, 19th.
  Please let me know if you have any questions..
                                              thank you,

March 13th Kicks off our Getting Started Program and our Year Round Training Program for Marathons & Half Marathons
lucky you!

Wishing you Health, Happiness and Good Luck!

What better way to ensure the above? Get out and run!

Austin Galloway Kicks off their Getting Started Program for beginning/newer runners and their Year Round Training Program for the more experienced runner training for half and full marathons. 
Come out and try us for a free run or two and we'll show you how you can reach your goals, have fun, and remain injury-free in the process.

Sunday, March 13th
Luke's Locker (115 Sandra Muraida Way, Austin)

Q&A session followed by a 3mile run/walk for the Half/Marathon group and a 1/2 mile run/walk for the Getting Started group.

At 11:30AM, Luke's will host a shoe seminar and also offer a 15% off discount on Kickoff day.

Group Runs after Kickoff day will be on Sunday's at 7AM at the Pawn Shop Parking Lot (2201 Lake Austin Blvd.)

Questions? Contact Will

Online Registration ****

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Getting Started in Running

  This is a beginners program that is just 10 short weeks folks can run/walk 5 miles.
We start with an easy 20 second run and then a 1 minute walk with the distance of 1/2 mile.
Each week we add 1/2 a mile and build up the run portion a little more. You also have two days of running on your own but best thing you can pick the days that work best for you.

  Each week we also cover a running topic to help you understand the A-Z's of running and the secret to remaining injury free. Most folks leave this group after graduation and continue on to our half marathon training programs.

Half Marathon Training Programs.

 Our half marathon training programs begin with 3 miles and build up to 14.5 miles on the last long run. Since we use Jeff Galloway's run/walk training method we are able to increase the distance of our training runs and remain injury free.

  This is a 17 week training program with one group meeting on the weekend and two days of scheduled running on your own. The two days are your choice of days which leads to flexibility in your training for the half marathon.

Marathon Training Programs

 Running a marathon can be a little nerve wrenching to say the least and what is, and how can I avoid hitting that wall? The wall in running is usaully the longest distance you have done in training. Most folks train to 18-22 miles which brings the wall a lot closer in than our 26.2 mile goal.

 In our Galloway Program your last long run will be 26.2 miles in training so come race day you'll be fine. The secret is of course nice slow long runs with the group on the weekend runs. Once again just two days of running on your own during the week.

Picture from Finish Line Tucson Marathon

Year Round Program.

(or I just don't want to stop running) 

  Our Year Round Program begins in March and runs all the way to the following  Feb.

  With this training option one fee covers all our programs for one year so you can pick and choose from our Getting Started, two half marathon or two full marathon training programs.
This group is really fun and most our runners pick several local races to run during the year.


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