Speaking Of Running
 If you are looking for a Getting Started Program to a Marathon Program your in the right spot.

Class is in session

You asked for 'em. Boy, did we deliver. Our class schedule is brimming with good stuff. Whether you're Getting Started in Running or going for the half or marathon goal we can help. 

  • Getting Started in Georgetown March 3rd
  • Getting Started in Austin March 2nd.
  • Year Round Training begins Mach 17th and you can mix or match any of our programs for one price. 
  • Fall Marathon Training begins in May.
  • Half Marathon Training in Georgetown in July. 
  • Half Marathon Training in Austin in July.
  • Austin Marathon Training begins in August. 
  • 3 M Plus One Half Marathon Training begins in October.

   Getting Started Program                                                                

   Our group classes are about 60 minutes long and only about $9.00 per session ($89.00 ten sessions of Getting Started). Marathon training is $159.00 for 6 months and $95.00 for 17 week half marathon Training Programs. Year Round Program is $208. but all our programs offer an alum (returning member) rate.

 To register for any program click on link.   http://www.RunAustinGalloway.com  

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