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Who is Will Carlson?

  Will Carlson is a person who went from a High School, High Energy Super Jock into the Pillsbury Dough Boy in 25 years. This transition wasn't a pretty one! Having no energy and being 35 lbs. overweight something had to be done.

  The suggestion came from his family saying he was to fat and needed to lose weight! While coaching a little league baseball game there was a local 5K race going by. Some folks were walking and some were running as they went by. One of the coaches pointed out, "If I couldn't run the whole race I wouldn't of entered."

   Wow a challenge was born run a 5K race all the way! How far is a 5 K race anyway? Well day one as I set out the door remembering my high school running days but there was a humbling experience coming. About a half mile I couldn't breath and my body didn't like my new plan of running.

   I decided to do my training much more different from now on and increased my distance one or two trees at a time. After two months I finished the 5 K and in doing so the weight started coming down. I increased my running challenge to a 10 K, then a half marathon, then finally the full marathon itself!

   After now completing 75
marathons and doing several training programs I want others to be able to avoid my mistakes in training. Some of the marathons were Chicago, L.A.,Boston, New York, Marine Corp., Tucson, Houston, Austin many times.

   Now instead of being the Pillsbury Dough Boy I train beginner to marathon runners. Since 2005 I have had the privilege to train over 2300 runners.

  Everybody has the right to regain the energy and youthful feeling they once had. My seminars and training will show folks a one, two, three I'm running approach to life.  


Running best recorded times.

 5 K 20:38
 10 K 44:01
 13.1  1:33
 26.2  3:19:21

  Nominated for Austin Area Coach of the Year in 2006.
  Jeff Galloway 3rd place Top Programs Large City
  Nominated for H.E.B. Community Service Award Finalist.
  Ambassador for Austin Marathon and Half Marathon.
  Steering Committee Ride for the Roses  Livestrong Foundation 2 years. 

Speaking engagements:
  American Cancer Society Health fair.
  College Station Golds Gym Marathon Training.
  City of Austin Coaches Motivational Seminar.
  H.E.B.Corporate Office Capital 10 K Motivational


 In memory of a great friend lost Josie Bowman to breast cancer to soon in life.

Boston Marathon what a great day to run 26.2 miles!

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